blogging holiday and TOP 10 posts

I’m going on leave for 2 weeks and will be back in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 6 November. Until then no activity to expect on this blog, as I’m enjoying total disconnection while on holiday, and total dedication to all the other pleasures in life, starting with family fun! Meanwhile, for the past 9 months […]

Blog holiday and top posts in the past 5 months

Al final! Vacaciones! En España! Andalucia!  Andalucia, Spain (Credits: Benjamin Bay) Before I set off for two weeks most likely well disconnected from the marvellous online world of knowledge and learning for change, hereby an overview of the most popular posts on this blog since 1 January. It has been a really hectic period around […]

Merry Christmas and may peace and sparks be with you, children and learners of the world

2014 has been heralded by UNICEF as a ‘devastating year for children’ given their involvement in global conflicts, at an unprecedented scale. So, as we approach Christmas, I dedicate this to all the children of the world, hoping they find some peace of body, mind and soul for the end of this dramatic year, and for the […]

(Blog hols) Time to leave KM aside again, life morphs on :) … and some ideas for you…

Nearly three years after KM became irrelevant to me for the first time, another similar event is about to happen, so I will leave this blog for a while and come back to it, hopefully with fresh ideas, probably not with fresh energy ha ha ha. In the meantime, here are some recent posts you […]

My KM year’s insights, top posts… and a Merry Christmas!!!

That time of the year, when we are packing up for holiday and family celebrations. A good reflective time though the festivities can make it harder than summer holidays to find time to reflect. As I’m just about to also take a few days off, here is what I’ve observed in my KM (for development […]

Blog holiday and most popular posts… See you later in June!

Five months after the last holiday and after facilitating almost 15 different events, I’m having a break… a real kind of break, nowhere else than in the Seychelles. Although I will have internet I’m not planning to use it except for emergency holiday activity planning, and I’m certainly not going to check my emails. In […]