Connecting the nodes: how a resource centre can make itself essential

From the work we are carrying out in various countries and regions, it seems increasingly clear that the combination of learning alliances and resource centres is powerful. Learning alliances are great to dive into a specific topic and invite various types of stakeholders to cover it from various angles, so as to embed it in […]

Sector learning – scouting in the dark

After several discussions internally at IRC, the decision was taken to set up a new discussion group to build upon the recently held ‘sector learning’ workshop (Delft, November 2008 ) where a lot of our partners came to present their resource centre initiative, national information systems or learning alliance approaches. As usual with (nice) workshops, […]

Learning for sale in the WASH sector

It’s common: innovation and change never comes alone, it comes in clouds, or bubbles. But before bubbles appear, one’s been blowing in the water like crazy and nothing happens – or perhaps only shy ripples on the surface. This is what happened with the resource centre development work that our partners and us have been […]