KM stepping stones – exit induction

Since I am changing jobs, moving from my current organisation and from the current sector, a very interesting KM case in point comes ahead: what happens when one leaves the organisation and enters another? I will be living both experiences first hand soon. This is a bit like the experience – however much more amazing […]

Share your questions: The personal effectiveness and knowledge survey

What a chance! I always thought that knowledge sharing and information management inside my organisation was left to the basics of organic gardening, that is: chaos, spontaneity and emergence. We always gave more attention to our external projects and clients; rightly so, of course, since our purpose is to work for others… But then you […]

The ever learning organisation

What is a learning organisation? Ever since that term has made it to our vocabulary it seems to provoke more questions than solutions! Questions are great but this time they can really lead to bottomless and fruitless discussions! In my organisation there are just as many people arguing that we are a learning organisation as […]