Jungian types, personality pigeonholing and finding my pathway and ‘contribution’

The past few days I was at a training course on management development. A very interesting course, even though I still don’t believe much in training and even though the trainers admittedly mixed up management and leadership (though among many others Forbes reminded us this year that these two fields are quite different). The training touched upon many […]

Enabling change: a manager’s choice (and a leader’s decision)

People don’t resist change. They resist being changed! – Peter Senge I’ve covered individual change on this blog though various writings (on the willingness or difficulty to change, recognising that the process of changing is slow, wanting others to change), but hardly done justice to the management side of change. And management has a lot to […]

What an unforgettable KM boss does

I am just coming back from Arusha, Tanzania where I was with a colleague who recently shared an article about what unforgettable bosses do. A very useful article, though quite general… …so a good opportunity to examine what an unforgettable KM boss does. Much of the rationale for bosses in general (in the linked article above) […]

Leaders, innovate please!

Enough! Enough ‘do what I say, not what I do’! Enough ‘we aspire to be a centre of excellence’ bla bla bla but we don’t put our heart and money to it! Enough old potions in new bottles! Enough 20th century management in 21st century networked leaders’ age! LEADERS, IT’S TIME TO INNOVATE! I realise starting […]

Life after KM?

After so many years working on knowledge management I have grown tired of the term (and even finding it an oxymoron). I like to refer to ‘KM’ because it rolls easily in the tongue, but when I look around at other people that also work explicitly on KM, it gives me the impression that we […]

Harvesting insights (1): back to (KM) basics

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I have set out to distil some of the key insights that are in my view at the crux of the success (or failure) of many KM and learning initiatives. What are the most essential insights I have gathered over the last few years working on knowledge and […]

IKM emergency

Last week the IKM-Emergent working group 3 (focusing on the management of knowledge – read on to see what we mean) had two important rendezvous: A two-day internal working group meeting (in Maastricht) to discuss past, present and future activities, An afternoon public discussion (held at ISS in The Hague) to introduce the programme to […]

Top people in bottom up times

What does never change? The fact that the world keeps changing… And with it the people, opinions, practices and eventually cultures… I personally believe that the change we’re going through is bottom up and increasing decentralised decision making. It is about empowering everyone, about unlocking our energies. It is about connecting the nodes to the […]

Key reflections on KM

Today I read the great article by Margaret Wheatley about ‘The real work of Knowledge Management’ (http://www.margaretwheatley.com/articles/management.html). It was very inspiring reading touching upon a number of ideas that are also central to my conception of KM – to start with a human conception of KM, not a technological one. Some other thoughts I particularly […]