And then it struck me: MUSIC!!!

How could I not think of this one before? How come two overwhelming parts of my brain – learning process facilitation and music – did not connect earlier properly? While relaxing from the last of three events in a row in Nairobi this week, I ended up chatting with our graphic facilitation duo (check their wonderful […]

Channelling energy: how do we realise, transform and accomplish ourselves?

For once let’s step aside from the KM and learning world and focus on something that matters to us all: keeping our energy up. This has obvious implications for knowledge and learning work too. At work and in life we often have ups and downs, fuelled by the circumstances (the environment) that affect us but […]

Emergence through energy?

Chaos can be such an incredibly ordered state of things. These days, on the professional front, I am running from a workshop in Benin to a working group meeting for the project ‘IKM Emergent’ (, from the organisation of a symposium on sector learning in the WASH sector to initial discussions around an IRC internal […]