Killing my darlings: the workshop

Last week I facilitated a really hectic workshop on the fascinating topic of ‘community-based adaptation (to climate change) and resilience in the East and Southern African Drylands‘. A number of us (in the organising team) wondered at a point or another if the workshop was the best venue to create new meaning around this complex topic. […]

Harnessing the power of introverts – a LinkedIn discussion

Introverts are definitely the talk of town then… After a last post touching upon the matter of introverts and social media, I landed in a fascinating LinkedIn discussion about introverts and how to facilitate workshops so as to harness their power. Emma Konopka started this conversation on the basis of a blog post and of […]

Of serendipity, introverts and extroverts, social media and shooting the ambulance…

Once again signals converge to a particular direction in my flowing web of interests. Serendipity… That really might be the master word of social media – or shared media. Indeed this morning I come across this recent blog post by Antony Mayfield about social media being shared media – a rather inspiring term to describe catch-all […]

The birth of a thought and the life-times of a concept

I love thoughts, always have: How they come about, what lineage they follow etc. Something as simple as a thought is somehow as thorny as impact and as untraceable as a travelling lighter: Who came up with a thought first? The person that first talked about it? The person that promoted it? The person that applied […]