Getting KM and comms accepted, valued and right – An interview for APQC

Of late, I’ve taken up a habit of interviewing people I find interesting for this blog: Jocelyne Yennenga Kompaore on pioneering KM in Burkina Faso; Carl Jackson on new trends of facilitation and collective meaning-making; Ann Waters-Bayer on social learning and farmer-led innovation; Michael Victor on the blurred boundaries between communication, knowledge management, monitoring and […]

Harvesting insights (6): A checklist of comms/KM functions in any development (research) organisation or initiative

Just a post to gather my thoughts on this once and for all on this topic. Together with some colleagues from WorldFish and the Inernational Water Management Institute (IWMI), we have been pondering about the profile of comms/KM profiles and positions in any organisation and/or project, since ILRI and IWMI held a really interesting workshop […]

What comms/KM functions for what results?

The workshop on “Organizing, Managing, Communicating and Leveraging Information and Knowledge to Support and Deliver CGIAR research program Results: A hands-on Workshop on Approaches, Tools, Systems and Services” happened last week. As participant and facilitator I didn’t manage to find the time to share insights from the workshop but have lots to process still about […]