10-year blog anniversary! One heraldic yearly post at at time

Would you believe it? 10 years (and a day) ago I drafted my very first post. It’s been a long and fascinating journey for me. And even though for personal reasons this year I’ve really let down my blogging, I intend to keep on blogging on Agile KM and AgileFacil(itation). Here’s my selection of one […]

The role – and attitude – of a facilitator in designing events

Originally posted on agilefacil:
I had to take a stand and clarify this. I’ve recently witnessed some event design processes that went really badly, where the ‘client’ and the ‘facilitator’ ended up at complete odds with each other. With as result a seemingly permanently damaged relationship, and the serious risk of derailing even the event…

What a great KM champion leader does

Reminiscence… …as I recently re-visited my former (physical) home and office in Ethiopia for the first time since I moved back to the Netherlands. Among the things that flashed back in my memory is how my former boss (the person who inspired this post) played his role as KM champion and leader, and how that helped or […]