Jungian types, personality pigeonholing and finding my pathway and ‘contribution’

The past few days I was at a training course on management development. A very interesting course, even though I still don’t believe much in training and even though the trainers admittedly mixed up management and leadership (though among many others Forbes reminded us this year that these two fields are quite different). The training touched upon many […]

What is the role of a facilitator (and of a moderator, MC, chair etc.)?

(Reblogged from my ‘agile facilitation’ blog as I’m going to touch upon a few more facilitation-related topics over the next few weeks). … I briefly touched upon this topic on the ‘about’ page to this blog. But not quite seriously enough. And as I gave training on group facilitation skills last week, this question came […]

Great and poor metaphors for knowledge, learning and change

Metaphors are great. They reach out to the artist in us. They tell us stories – not just plain facts. They are, like modelling tools, great props to visualise the future. But, like modelling, they’re only helpful to an extent – and perhaps their ultimate motive is to be proven wrong. Like a stick that […]