Two months of hatching eggs

hello everyone,

I have been super busy of late, and mostly thinking about and focusing on the other leg of my work: agile facilitation (not that I have been blogging there either) as I’ve been trained to become a facilitator on group facilitation skills, and just delivered my first such training last week. These past two months of ‘hatching’ are finally over.

As I’m slowly re-emerging from all of this, to come back to this blogging practice. So I’ll finally be able to finalise the KM alphabet primer series and write about a lot more stuff, including on the Agile Facilitation blog.

Thank you for your patience, if you are reading this post, and more to come in the week!

Meanwhile, if you have specific ideas you would love me to blog on, please let me know 🙂



On the road again (credits: Martine Lanchec-Girard / FlickR)

On the road again (credits: Martine Lanchec-Girard / FlickR)