Don’t want to understand KM? Don’t bother, business as usual is the best thing ever :)

Knowledge management (KM) can be a very dry topic to explain, so how about a bit of fun to do the job? A mate of mine was recently compiling some ideas to present KM to a group of people who don’t know anything about it. She picked my brains and I told her, among other ideas, to […]

Use quality face-to-face time for synergy, not for logorrhea

How many meetings (even one on one) are spent to regurgitate something, to present ‘stuff’ of various relevance and quality, to eruct presentation upon presentation as if the audience needed to know everything ever written about the topic at hand… How many events with an avalanche of information, and so little co-creation? Hey, I’d get […]

Tinkering with tools: Asessing Asana

It’s been ages since the last ‘Tinkering with tools‘ post, so after posts about Yammer, LinkedIn and Prezi, it’s time to turn to one of the (expected) collaboration rising stars: Asana. Asana is a team-centric virtual collaboration tool which allows collective task management, setting up structured team meetings and more. It certainly could be considered as one of the solutions against […]

Happy 2015! The year of the creative, intelligent, gentle, thoughtful and honest goat

Hello everyone! Happy 2015! Happy year of the goat!   Though technically we’re not there yet, the Chinese zodiac hails the goat as an animal gifted with all the titled attributes above. So for me this means I’ll try to impersonate as many of these qualities as I can on this blog in in my […]