With KM, life, it’s all in the attitude, so ‘JUST DO IT’ (Nike does it)

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it (Mary Engelbreit)

I’ve been running for over three years now, taking part to my first ever Great Ethiopian Run this year this year, errr this month even! Now, I used to hate running. Even the idea, but more so the practice. I love it now, though! I’ve turned into one of these running freaks that Nike was warning me against in my not-so-healthy years.

Whether you like running or not, whether you like Nike or not is beyond the point. Nike’s point though, is on the point: JUST DO IT. And find your greatness doing it. That’s attitude. I’m almost tempted to say it’s actually more about ACTitude.

Be pro-active, find your greatness, inspire others. Just do it! (Credits: Nike)

Be pro-active, find your greatness, inspire others. Just do it! (Credits: Nike)

In KM, so much depends on your attitude – as a knowledge manager, but also as just anyone dealing with information, knowledge, learning etc. Your attitude dictates your actions, and your thinking about them.

No one else will find and filter the information you need.

No one else will share your knowledge with people that can do something with it.

No one else will learn for you and help others learn through you.

You’ve just gotta do it. All. By. Yourself. 

So on the negative side, stop the victim act: stop keeping confused, nagging in 2001 ways that you were not informed, that you were not involved, that you didn’t have the time, that you were not given the authority to do what needed to be done. Just move your @ss and bloody do it! Your wagging finger at all the wrongs of the world will not change them. Your sticking your head up and your lifting arms to change what can be will!

So, rather than wait for the shit to hit the fan, use your brain, your heart, your two feet (remember the law of the two feet, Open Space style?), get up, become a leader, and inspire others and happy-go-lucky do it! It may not be easy, but it’s 100% worth it!

And since there’s much shit to react to and do something about, I leave you with the inviting words of The Roots because “Somebody’s gotta do it”…

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