What are you waiting for? Become a knowledge manager NOW!

Suffering from email overload?

Spending too much time finding information you need?

Feeling isolated and need to meet new people?

Annoyed by the fact you may be reinventing the wheel a little all too often?

Stuck in old habits and interested in new ways of working?

Want to work more smartly and get more out of your time?

KM might make you happier and wiser (Credits: Happy Buddha by Doug Wheller / FlickR)
KM might make you happier and wiser (Credits: Happy Buddha by Doug Wheller / FlickR)

Pick yours, but there are many good reasons to become a knowledge manager. Here and now!

Indeed, as illustrated in various writings, including the recent ‘7 habits of successful knowledge managers‘, here are some of the direct and indirect benefits to becoming a knowledge manager:

Direct benefits:

Indirect benefits:

Well, enjoying all the above may not be that automatic, but really chances are you will reap a lot of these.

So the next question is: when will you become a knowledge manager?

And the question after that: Will you move away from the KM field after that? That’s what seems to happen to a lot of KM folks…

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Published by Ewen Le Borgne

Collaboration and change process optimist motivated by ‘Fun, focus and feedback’. Nearly 20 years of experience in group facilitation and collaboration, learning and Knowledge Management, communication, innovation and change in development cooperation. Be the change you want to see, help others be their own version of the same.

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  1. True Michelle! KM is definitely more fun together! And it’s also about keeping that spark to keep curious and plugged in. Fun is (or certainly can be) a big multiplier in good practices of organisations 😉

  2. Hopefully we can all incorporate some KM into our work profiles as we can’t do it alone and its more fun together 🙂

  3. Talking about ‘jetzt’ I really have to work more on the ‘jetzt antworten’ on my blog 😉
    Thank you for your comment Joe, and yes there is really some commanding tone to the word NOW, perhaps even more in English than in German (to my ears).
    Glad the title worked, hope the content worked too. Thank you for dropping a few lines of feedback, it’s so rare these days and that’s also about very much being in the ‘now’.
    Keep now-ism up!

  4. When I first went to Germany, I crammed the language for 2 weeks prior–all the notice I’d had. I played with the language — reading some, speaking less. But playing. And I noticed all over the place was this one word I couldn’t place. Jetzt. All over the place in Germany: Jetzt, jetzt, jetzt. Finally took a moment to look it up — now! Do this NOW! Your title struck me that way. English and German – very commanding.
    It also recalls Ted Nelson’s Computer Lib | Dream Machines: You Can and Muster Understand Computers NOW.

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