What are you waiting for? Become a knowledge manager NOW!

Suffering from email overload? Spending too much time finding information you need? Feeling isolated and need to meet new people? Annoyed by the fact you may be reinventing the wheel a little all too often? Stuck in old habits and interested in new ways of working? Want to work more smartly and get more out of your time? […]

Open access; open facilitation: One week, two good ideas

Originally posted on Maarifa – Communications and Knowledge Management:
This week is ‘Open Access Week‘ with lots of activities happening worldwide. A good week to celebrate the freedom of information to circulate. This week is also ‘International Facilitation Week‘; also a good opportunity to wonder how open facilitation helps knowledge circulate just as openly… The International…

MY time for YOUR content? Make it short, or make it mine!

This has got to be one of the KM evergreens of the Big Data Deluge age: how to synthesise ideas in the best (quickest?) possible way – for others to find, absorb and enjoy them. Because, let’s face it: We’re all time-starved… We’re all shortening our attention span by the day – hmmm, what are […]