Blog holiday (or so it seems ;)

One of these ‘point-in-time’ posts again… I will be on leave for the next three weeks and though I might be blogging, (I) don’t really count on it. This part of the year seems to be an excellent period for me to step back and let all these thoughts that were put in the mix after I asked for your (excellent) feedback simmer slowly!

So, it’s a blog holiday, but you never know what may come out of this…

I leave you with the top 10 most viewed, and in bold the most commented/liked posts of these past six months:

Most popular posts:

  1.  Managing or facilitating change, not just a question of words
  2. What is common knowledge about knowledge? A visual tour…
  3. Tinkering with tools: what’s up with Yammer?
  4. Settling the eternal semantic debate: what is knowledge, what is information… (that one really seems to be an evergreen…)
  5. The death of nice communities of practice? 
  6. Putting learning loops and cycles in practice
  7. Portrait of the modern knowledge worker
  8. Scaling, pacing, staging and patterning… Navigating fractal change through space and time
  9. (You’re not welcome) On the dark side of co-facilitation
  10. What the heck is knowledge anyways: from commodity to capacity and insights

See you in three weeks!

Trévignon Bretagne (Credits: Jon Larrañaga / FlickR)

Trévignon Bretagne (Credits: Jon Larrañaga / FlickR)


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