Development is CAPACITY (to move all together through learning loops)

Yes: Global development (#globaldev) is glocal capacity – to move from single to triple loop learning, all together… It just dawned on me in all its patent obviousness as I was running last weekend. Of course it’s more complicated than that, and global development is made of various distinct components: ensuring safer homes, having sustainable […]

(You’re not welcome) On the dark side of co-facilitation

Meanwhile, another excellent KM4Dev conversation is raging, on the topic of defining ‘what a facilitator is‘. Among other contributions, my fellow facilitator, KM4Dev mate and friend Nancy White shared a list of issues related to the dark side of facilitation… “The real life and dark sides of a facilitator below. I’m sure there are a few […]

I share because I care!

Sometimes I feel I’m surrounded by rabbits-in-wonderland, running around feeling overwhelmed all the time. Sometimes I am that rabbit, but that’s another story. Those rushing rabbits are bewildered how other people find time to share stuff. Sometimes I am the one wondering how come they are not sharing more. But then, it makes sense: while […]

Anatomy of learning: how we (individuals) make sense of information

We talk a lot about PKM – personal knowledge management, i.e. KM for individuals – but as Nick Milton indicated recently, at heart KM is a collective effort; when done well it becomes the effort of social learning. Where do the two scales (individual – social) really connect? Let us assume that KM is about […]

Getting KM and comms accepted, valued and right – An interview for APQC

Of late, I’ve taken up a habit of interviewing people I find interesting for this blog: Jocelyne Yennenga Kompaore on pioneering KM in Burkina Faso; Carl Jackson on new trends of facilitation and collective meaning-making; Ann Waters-Bayer on social learning and farmer-led innovation; Michael Victor on the blurred boundaries between communication, knowledge management, monitoring and […]