Blog holiday and most popular posts… See you later in June!

Blog holiday to enjoy the Seychelles with my little family!!!

Blog holiday to enjoy the Seychelles with my little family!!!

Five months after the last holiday and after facilitating almost 15 different events, I’m having a break… a real kind of break, nowhere else than in the Seychelles. Although I will have internet I’m not planning to use it except for emergency holiday activity planning, and I’m certainly not going to check my emails.

In the meantime, another big thank you for following this blog, commenting on it, retweeting its content and engaging with me and others around issues that are of value to us all!

As usual before a holiday, here’s a good moment to look at some of the most popular posts on this blog over the past 5 months:

  1. Managing or facilitating change, not just a question of words
  2. Tinkering with tools: What’s up with Yammer?
  3. Settling the eternal semantic debate: what is knowledge, what is information…
  4. Portrait of the modern knowledge worker
  5. Learning cycle basics and more: Taking stock
  6. What is common knowledge about knowledge? A visual tour…
  7. The feast of fools of feedback
  8. What the heck is knowledge anyway: from commodity to capacity and insights
  9. We need more / better communication! But not from me…
  10. Communication, KM, monitoring, learning – The happy families of engagement

Keep sharing, challenging, engaging and reflecting!

And see you after 16 June…


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