Blogging holiday… see you in August!

Holiday starting - timeless moments away from the online buzz... bliss!

It’s that time of the year, time to leave everything behind, forget about the web, stretch arms and legs, focus on fun only. Holiday’s at the door. I’ll be away for the next two weeks. I love my blogging and I’m already looking forward to coming back and blogging again, but any practice is improved through periods of calm and different reflection – that’s what feeds triple loop learning.

So, thank you very much for your support so far and see you in August!
And by the way, here is an overview of the top 10 most popular posts of the first half year:

  1. Tinkering with tools: What’s up with Yammer?
  2. Portrait of the modern knowledge worker
  3. Settling the eternal semantic debate: what is knowledge, what is information…
  4. What the heck is knowledge anyway: from commodity to capacity and insights
  5. Learning cycle basics and more: Taking stock
  6. The feast of fools of feedback
  7. From evil-inflexible to fantastic-elastic, the not-so-simple shades of willingness to change
  8. Communication, KM, monitoring, learning – The happy families of engagement
  9. Harnessing the power of introverts – a LinkedIn discussion
  10. The chemistry of magical facilitation (2) – Put the bossy herald to play for you



2 thoughts on “Blogging holiday… see you in August!

  1. Hello Peter,

    Thank you for checking in and for the appreciation. We’ll catch up in late August indeed. I look forward to hearing more about KM efforts in the WA-WASH sphere.

  2. I like you blog… very much, I’ll be around more often! See towards end of August, here in Italy August is sacrosanct: slooooowing down in the shade of a loggia or veranda! Ahhhh che bello 🙂

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