Life after KM?

After so many years working on knowledge management I have grown tired of the term (and even finding it an oxymoron). I like to refer to ‘KM’ because it rolls easily in the tongue, but when I look around at other people that also work explicitly on KM, it gives me the impression that we […]

Pictures say more than words

If that’s true, and for all those visual heads among you, here’s an overview of the more interesting posts of this knowledge management and learning blog on Pinterest: I hope this will help navigate through these posts, questions and conversations in an enriched and different way.

Annual reports, the gold standard for the state of KM in the company?

Annual reports are a painful exercise, for most companies anyway. I have seen managers, designers and communication specialists from various organisations tear their hair by lumps working on this annually recurring chore. Being personally much more inclined towards the knowledge-sharing and collective thinking side of communication (away from unidirectional message massaging, marketing verbose and public […]

The most difficult job in the world?

It may not be the hardest job in the world, but it still isn’t easy peasy to be a communication and/or knowledge management specialist in many (research for) development organisations. Typically, communication (let alone KM) has always been one of the first areas where budget cuts affect staff first. There is much expected from communication […]

KM=CDL, on the journey to universal sense-making

Knowledge management (KM) is about conversations. It’s about conversations that make us more effective, both personally and collectively. It’s also about the documentation of these conversations, so that we can track back information coming from those conversations for the record, or to help others who didn’t participate to these conversations connect to them. And in the […]

The 50-cent and 2-second immortality syndrom

I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, I want it NOW! Old-timer Queen (of England, but not the monarch, the band) was already onto it: We want things to happen too quickly, in life and at work… ‘Make that website work by next week’, ‘Get our social media strategy functional […]