Tinkering with tools: LinkedIn, where networking and problem-solving gets professional

LinkedIn is a popular social network and it has been around for a while. Most people know about it. And yet most people don’t seem to really know what to do with it. LinkedIn the opaque social network? So what about LinkedIn? Let’s look at three aspects of LinkedIn: its functionalities (what it offers to do), […]

Reinventing the wheel: it’s ok… kind of…

For a long time, one of the mainstay arguments in favour of knowledge management has been that it helps avoid reinventing the wheel: We have to learn from others before us and not waste time going around in circles… to develop yet another circle: the wheel. Let’s really look into this for a second or […]

Portrait of the modern knowledge worker

The concept of ‘knowledge worker’ which Peter Drucker coined in 1959, is perhaps not so clear (as shown again in a recent LinkedIn discussion – access potentially limited) and can be understood at least in two different ways: dedicated and other knowledge workers. Dedicated knowledge workers are the persons whose job it is to organise ‘knowledge work’, in relation […]

Harnessing the power of introverts – a LinkedIn discussion

Introverts are definitely the talk of town then… After a last post touching upon the matter of introverts and social media, I landed in a fascinating LinkedIn discussion about introverts and how to facilitate workshops so as to harness their power. Emma Konopka started this conversation on the basis of a blog post and of […]

Of serendipity, introverts and extroverts, social media and shooting the ambulance…

Once again signals converge to a particular direction in my flowing web of interests. Serendipity… That really might be the master word of social media – or shared media. Indeed this morning I come across this recent blog post by Antony Mayfield about social media being shared media – a rather inspiring term to describe catch-all […]

In a complex world, it’s all about process… or is it?

The phenomenon of crowd-sourcing has made it practically useless to learn a lot about any given field. The fame and importance of the specialist, the expert, has somewhat waned in favour of the ‘wisdom of the crowds’. This is connected to the shifting dominant perspective of the world. The Newtonian model of physics which has […]