Live and direct from Rome – blogging & tweeting at the ShareFair and KM4Dev 2011

The second global Share Fair has started and some KM4Dev-related sessions are also unfolding as we speak.

The 2nd Global Share Fair has started!

The 2nd Global Share Fair has started!

I will be blogging here about the sessions I’ve been involved in and if I get a chance, on other sessions too.

An incredible amount of tweeting is happening already under the tag #sfrome – and for KM4Dev quite simply under the tag #KM4Dev.

Some sessions are webcasted – see the webcasting programme on:

The first blogposts and blips (post here and blip here) are started and will be soon linked up with the official event blog.

Aggregated feeds:

And finally, there is a daily Corriere to cover what has been presented or discussed every day:

So stay tuned and keep watching the incredible amount of social learning happening, this is most certainly one of the highlights of this year in terms of social learning and knowledge sharing for development work.

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