A tiny little bowl full of talking fish – A ShareFair “day 0” session

So we’re back to day 0 right? And back to fishbowl? I hope this time I’ll make a better job at giving the context and gist of a fishbowl than when I did itfor the AgShareFair.   But this time the situation’s tough: it’s only the five of us. Perhaps Etienne Wenger’s excellent introductory session […]

Live and direct from Rome – blogging & tweeting at the ShareFair and KM4Dev 2011

The second global Share Fair has started and some KM4Dev-related sessions are also unfolding as we speak. I will be blogging here about the sessions I’ve been involved in and if I get a chance, on other sessions too. An incredible amount of tweeting is happening already under the tag #sfrome – and for KM4Dev […]

Except in KM, accepting KM

Last Friday I gave a spontaneous (read: non annually planned, unofficial) KM/Learning and identity workshop for the amazing networked organisation Except (Integrated Sustainability consultancy) founded by my mate Tom Bosschaert. Except is one of those few very modern coming-of-age-like companies with a core staff of 7-8 people and 50 associates satelliting and scintillating around, getting […]

Radical ideals and fluffy bunnies

(Disclaimer: this post has been referred to in an excellent presentation about complexity thinking. The presentation reacts to the un-scientific nature of fluffy bunnies. Here, on the other hand, I borrowed Dave Snowden’s expression to refer to the optimistic nature of some fluffy bunnies, not to the process followed by fluffy bunnies to source knowledge […]

Rethinking facilitation and engagement

Time to sharpen my skills! And get to do what I like doing best: dreaming up creative solutions! Since I will have to facilitate a lot of events in my upcoming function, it is a good time to think about workshop facilitation methods and approaches I have been using and might want to make use […]

KM stepping stones – exit induction

Since I am changing jobs, moving from my current organisation and from the current sector, a very interesting KM case in point comes ahead: what happens when one leaves the organisation and enters another? I will be living both experiences first hand soon. This is a bit like the experience – however much more amazing […]