Back on track – with my face in a new place

Ilan is now 2.5 months old, I am back from a long holiday and it’s time to resume the blogging season. There are all the more reasons to do this as blogging will become one of my mainstays in the near future.

Indeed, after nearly 10 years working for IRC in the Netherlands I am going with my little family to live in Ethiopia and will start working for the International Livestock Research Institute(ILRI) where I will act as knowledge sharing and communication officer, from November 1.

My new employer

My new employer, ILRI

I will be working on knowledge sharing approaches and tools, on learning processes at individual, organisational and multi-stakeholder level; I will develop strategic and operational communications and will be closely involved in the monitoring and evaluation of ILRI’s knowledge work… A lot of coaching, training, event and process facilitation, writing. All in all a very exciting set of taks and responsibilities, which will provide me with plenty of matter to update this blog too.

Until November 1, though, I have a few things to wrap up for IRC – and exciting work at that – so keep watching this space, it is officially active again!



2 thoughts on “Back on track – with my face in a new place

  1. Hey Dorine!

    Thank you for your message! Yes it will be a very exciting change. I look forward to being there, and hopefully meeting tour colleagues there. Are you travelling there any time?
    Will keep you posted anyhow!

  2. Sounds very interesting Ewen!! Surely you’ll come across people from the Prolinnova network in Ethiopia, and also my great colleague Ann Waters. Good luck entering this big adventure as a new little family!

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