KMers navigating between fast flow and slow space

On 12 April (2011), I finally facilitated the KMers’ chat about balancing quick sharing of information and reflection in a slow space – a paradox that most knowledge workers have to come to terms with at some point, usually repeatedly. This blog post set the scene for the discussion. It was not a straightforward chat […]

Look beyond WHAT to do: WHY and HOW lead to WHO

This is a blog post that I have long postponed but its core is – I think – really important: we tend to focus too much on the job we need to get done. In the process, we tend to overlook  why we need to get it done and how we mean to do it. […]

Share your questions: The personal effectiveness and knowledge survey

What a chance! I always thought that knowledge sharing and information management inside my organisation was left to the basics of organic gardening, that is: chaos, spontaneity and emergence. We always gave more attention to our external projects and clients; rightly so, of course, since our purpose is to work for others… But then you […]

Fast flow vs. slow space – pacing matters

(The Twitter chat scheduled on 12/04/2011, 17.00 UTC, will feature the following questions: 1) What is the value of fast versus slow information & reflection? 2) How do you balance the desire to consume and share and the need to think and create? 3) How do you deal with different information pacing with your relations […]