Storytelling: Taking stock

Stories have been the rage in the knowledge field lately. Hold on… Stories have been the rage in the field of human beings for ever! KM or not, it doesn’t matter, stories are part of our hard-wiring. We were born for stories. Which is what makes this stock-taking post quite a daunting challenge. And yet, […]

Question your education and educate your questions

About 10 days ago I came across this excellent article (in French, mind you) in Le Monde about 21st century education. The article was written by Michel Serres, one of the most influential (and interesting) philosophers in France nowadays. His main point is that formal education is completely out of synch with its time – […]

Amis francophones, à vos stylos… KM4D journal French issue

I usually don’t blog in French but just wanted to mention that the December issue of the KM4Dev journal will be a special Francophone issue. The call for contributions is out and welcomes any contribution (in French) until 1 June 2011. I have put that call for contribution on a special page: Pass it […]

Learning with a sector

What is your most effective bet if you are trying to stimulate an entire set of institutions to continually share knowledge, learn together, improve decision-making and coordination? At IRC we have been struggling with this question for a while and the answers are not obvious, their applications yet less so. We are still working on […]