Harvesting insights (2): Beautiful KM

This week, me and a colleague of mine had a great opportunity to talk about knowledge management with the director of our organisation. It was good to see an open mind willing to know more about KM and to hear what our ‘corporate’ thinking about it is – if there is such a thing as […]

KISS my comms

A new project has just started this week and I’m involved in the communication work around it. In our kick-off workshop, we discussed external communication but also, crucially, internal communication. As one of the participants put it, what will make or break the project is not the plans and work packages and procedures and outputs […]

What is good in a project?

Where to start again on this blog after such a long interruption? Not with a digression (*) straight away! Anyways, I’ll start again with a question that has been tickling me for a long time: What are the good parts of a project to keep and use? Development, oops rather aid (i.e. donor-driven development) is […]