Communication, strategy and revolution

When in Ethiopia recently I facilitated a workshop for an NGO forum around the topic of strategic communications in the WASH sector and particularly how you can develop a communication strategy – and does it make sense in the first place? The workshop went very well and included a couple of very interesting sessions like […]

What the *tweet* do we know (about monitoring/assessing KM)?

This week Tuesday I moderated my first ever Twitter chat thanks to the opportunity provided by KMers (as mentioned in one recent blog post). A very rich and at times overwhelming experience in terms of moderating – more on this in the process notes at the bottom of this post. The broad topic was about […]

Peter and Justin: when and how does information make sense?

Last week when I was over in Ethiopia I had a wonderful dinner at a great Belgian Restaurant in Addis together with Peter Ballantyne of ILRI and some of his friends; A great bunch of people, some of who like Peter are working on knowledge sharing (and knowledge management although Peter hates the contradictory term […]

(Im)Proving the value of knowledge work: A KMers chat on monitoring / assessing knowledge management

On 16 February 2010, I will be hosting a KMers chat about the topic of ‘monitoring / assessing knowledge management’ (1). When Johan Lammers (one of the founders of KMers and of invited KMers (the people, not the platform) to host a discussion I jumped on the occasion. It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s fun, […]

Settling the eternal semantic debate: what is knowledge, what is information…

(As of February 2012, a new post on this blog updates and extends this one: What the heck is knowledge anyways: from commodity to capacity and insights). While being away in Ethiopia and characteristically without internet access, a debate was raging on the KM4DEV list, fiercer and hotter than it ever was. Another phoenix of KM is […]