Many great entries and many happy returns!!!

Many great entries and many happy returns!!!

Happy new year, many returns and entries! (photo credits: Camera Slayer)

Happy new year, many returns and entries! (photo credits: Camera Slayer)

And that’s it, we’re in 2010. I love even years! Over the past 10 years they have proven to be greater for some…odd reason. At any rate I wish you all a fun-love-passion-justice-health-energy and creativity-filled entrance to this new decade!

Anyways this year sounds even more exciting as the previous one with respect to the initiatives that have started last year and which will hopefully grow this year such as the SA-GE community of practice and the Change Alliance.

I am slowly starting the works this post will therefore not tackle a specific topic but instead will refer to a few interesting developments of the last few weeks:

  • The KMers’ chats are continuing on a weekly basis, usually on Tuesday and provide excellent opportunities to read very interesting ideas about knowledge management (albeit not specifically for development) and to meet great folks. One of the next topics there could be: How to use knowledge performance indicators?
  • I noticed that KM4DEV is becoming a more visible place even for some KM pundits such as Patrick Lambe, Dave Snowden and David Gurteen. All good for the list and for all of us and I think some very interesting exchanges will take place.
  • Simon Hearn and I are well into our study on the monitoring of knowledge management and some interesting exchange is currently happening on the Giraffe blog and on the KM4DEV mailing list. Our first blog post on the topic provides some ideas for a framework. More soon!
  • And the link between the last three points is a reaction of Patrick Lambe on our work because he has been working a lot on this topic and he explains some of his views and possible approaches to use KPIs in this comprehensive guide:
  • This year has to be a more active year on the front of complexity theories. Ben Ramalingam has started his great blog ‘Aid on the Edge of Chaos’ and some quality reads are circulating there. All the more reason for a complexity stock-taking post rather early in the year!
  • I wouldn’t leave this list without referring to SA-GE (discussion group, a NING page and a starting wiki), our attempt at finding funds for this new francophone KM4DEV community of practice and perhaps our first francophone KM4DEV event some time this year, and most definitely next year anyhow. And early in the year we will also have a look a semantic search as kindly suggested by the WebIDEApro platform.
  • Oh and I was about to forget: 2010 will be the year of resuming our KM4DEV drinks in the Netherlands. The first drinks’ event is scheduled for Friday 22 January and will be hosted by IRC but all subsequent ones will be taken care of by other NL-based development organisations. A movement is (re-)born, so if you can, please join us on 22 Jan!

And again, a HNY 2 U all!

P.S. on a completely different note, I finally managed to sort out my entire music collection and so I’ll be tweeting about some quality tunes and artists over the year. Whoever interested, feel free to contact me!


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