Blogging for what? For reflecting, for sharing, for learning, for synthesising, for…

When I started this blog, about a year and a half ago, I stepped into the darkness, I marched for the light, whose shape I couldn’t quite picture then. Blogging just sounded like a good practice to follow but, as my former manager Viktor Markowski (founder of Conosco) said, “to do what?” I hadn’t yet […]

What should be the next topic for a stock-taking post?

[This poll is closed since 15 February 2010 – The elected stock-taking post will be about ‘Learning cycle basics and more’  which I will write before the end of February. Many thanks to you all for your participation!] I started a series of stock-taking posts to give an introduction to a given topic by providing […]

X reasons not to learn, not to share, not to progress

Yes, we’ve all come across people, if not previous avatars of ourselves, that refused to engage in knowledge sharing / management or learning for many reasons (1). Now, back on my main digression, as I sometimes wonder if blog posts are not just useful digressions from ongoing business: reasons to keep away from sharing knowledge, […]

Many great entries and many happy returns!!!

Many great entries and many happy returns!!! And that’s it, we’re in 2010. I love even years! Over the past 10 years they have proven to be greater for some…odd reason. At any rate I wish you all a fun-love-passion-justice-health-energy and creativity-filled entrance to this new decade! Anyways this year sounds even more exciting as […]