Breadcrumbs and building blocks

This is my final post for 2009 and I’ll keep it relatively short, to link the breadcrumbs of 2009 and the building blocks of 2010.

From breadcrumb to blogcrumb trails, linking back and looking forward... (photo credits: crayonjazz)

This year has been the first intense blogging experience and a great one at that, with respect to the occasional exchange with some of you, the documentation and consolidation of documents I go through (e.g. the stock-taking posts on network M&E and on capacity development) and generally the opportunity this provides to reflect a bit more deeply about the work I’m undertaking.

I hope some of my posts have been interesting and I really hope that next year we will engage even more in a dialogue. There are lots of issues I will keep blogging about, and much like I tried to explain where I come from and what motivates me on the about me page, I will try and explain better how all the pieces of work I’m blogging about tie in with one another.

Next year should be a very interesting year and here’s a glimpse of some of the areas of work that I can foresee, aside from whatever emerges (and it will!) in the course of next year…

  • Documenting the process around learning alliances in a few projects and finishing a book that I started writing about them together with two colleagues. In parallel, the Change Alliance should be deployed through 2010 – something to watch!
  • Supporting resource centre networks in Burkina Faso, Benin and perhaps even in Morocco, with the interesting aspects of network planning, development, monitoring etc.
  • More on the M&E of KM as the study I described in an earlier post is due in the coming months.
  • The development of SA-GE, the francophone community of practice, particularly as we are currently looking into proposals for funding… while the group keeps developing online.

And as a final note before I dash off onto holiday, here are a couple of documents that I’ll sink my teeth into and will try to blog about again in the next year:

Merry Christmas and wonderful holidays or end of year!

Until 2010,


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