Catching up and cooking on

Seven weeks without blogging!! Hectic times and other priorities. A lot has been cooking though, particularly around KM4Dev and there’s plenty I’d like to blog about (and will do so bit by bit):

  • The recent publication of the article Sarah and I wrote about organisational KM strategies in the first issue of the KM4DEV journal for 2009. Unfortunately this article is pay-for now but there’s a few points I’d like to raise about organisational KM strategies.
  • The two francophone KM events that will take place on 5 October: Une communauté KM4DEV francophone? and IKM-Emergent en français et ensemble.
  • And obviously the general KM4DEV 2009 meeting (KS/KM in a world of change) on which the francophone events are piggybacking.
  • Some thinking about upcoming issue of the KM4DEV journal on learning, knowledge management and cooperation in the water sector (see the closed call for papers here).
  • A recent workshop at Wageningen University which ties in very nicely with IRC’s work on learning alliances: Multi-stakeholder processes: the research – policy interface.
  • And quite a few more things related to resource centre networks and communication strategies.

So this post is just to keep you indeed posted, and to kick my arse to take on the weekly blogging routine again. The cooking goes on, and dinner time is coming soon!