Summer tweets in the feverish heat

While recovering from a virus I contracted in West Africa, blogging is again put a little bit on the back burner, in spite of lots of ideas for topics to blog about. I’ll keep it simple and provide a picture of my Twitter activity in the months of June and July, and hopefully blog more again when totally back on my feet.
Wordle: Summer tweets As usual this word cloud is generated on And the cloud clearly shows that I’m closely following Gauri’s activity. Feel free to check her blog ‘Gauri’s mumblings‘.

Twitter was one of the topics I addressed with colleagues in West Africa to convince them to give it a go, even though as of now very few people are using it in their direct environment. What’s more, there’s very little information about Twitter in French. At least that is what I suspect but I’d be happy to be proven wrong. So if you have resources about it, feel free to send them over to me!

Judging from the following video (in French) uploaded on DailyMotion in April 2009, a lot of Francophones did not know what Twitter was and when they did, what it could do for them. So this list of resources is all the more useful I guess – spread the word please!
See this video:

In the meantime, the flurry of articles (in English) about Twitter and Twitter tools continues. You will find some of these on my collection:


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