IKM emergency

Last week the IKM-Emergent working group 3 (focusing on the management of knowledge – read on to see what we mean) had two important rendezvous: A two-day internal working group meeting (in Maastricht) to discuss past, present and future activities, An afternoon public discussion (held at ISS in The Hague) to introduce the programme to […]

Cycles, circles and ripples of learning

Last Monday, I gave a one-day workshop [1] on knowledge management, learning and cooperation to help an organisation (and wannabe network) to harness opportunities and to address existing gaps, while focusing on a long term vision that inspires them. It was a very valuable and useful experience at many levels, not least because it gave […]

Using dissent as a driver

These days it’s difficult to get away from the Twittermania, but I will refrain from doing so on this post and go against the stream, perhaps indirectly proving the point of dissent as a driver. So what about dissent? Why do I want to talk about this? It started all with some simple ideas about […]

Gardening in organisations: how to cultivate expertise and make it blossom

It’s almost summer and the nature is at its most luxuriant, even in Holland – so famous for its Dutch summer (rain, rain and more rain). The case of Holland (and by Holland I actually mean what it is: the Western provinces of the Netherlands) is quite interesting because it is an area that has […]