M(a)y tweets and June bits

Last night I toyed with the idea of visualising all the tweets (Twitter updates, in case you don’t know today’s most fundamental web application – Twitter – certainly from a popularity point of view) that I posted in May – ok the month’s not over but I’m not planning to blog when back home from Addis.

So here is an attempt: Wordle: May tweets And this was done through the fabulous little application Wordle which turns any text, website, del.icio.us bookmark collection into a word cloud like this one – and with many possibilities to change colours, display the tag in various ways etc.

This May tweet word cloud doesn’t make a great deal of sense as far as I can tell, apart from perhaps offering potential Twitter followers a sense of what I like to tweet about. But perhaps there’s a more interesting side of doing this if I make a Wordle word cloud of my tweets on a monthly basis and see if any pattern emerges…

In the meantime, this is my first post since 10 days and quite a lazy one at that, but I’m planning to blog quite a bit in June, from a choice of topics: organising ongoing training on expertise areas in organisations and in projects; using dissent as a driver; the return of learning alliances as I am working on an article about them in the context of the RiPPLE programme; a stock-taking post on complexity, another one on visualisation apps and softwares… oooh, where to start? Any suggestion?


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