Twitter noise… sorting it out

Since I made this blog more visible, there is one little glitch that has been slightly annoying,  particularly to the brave ones among you who subscribed to this blog: My Twitter feeds are automatically part of the update that you receive as part of the subscription service. But perhaps you couldn’t care less about those short messages, and that is fair enough.

So please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused by my twittering over the last few days.

I am working on this right now so please bear with me and I hope to sort this out at soonest (i.e. hopefully today, May 2). In the meantime, for those of you who may not know what Twitter is, check this video which explains it very well. Currently Twitter is being presented by its proponents as the next biggest thing on the internet since the advent of the web. On the other hand, many people also point out to the futility of Twitter, the void of its conversations, the problems of effectiveness it creates, the fact that it’s simply crap etc.

Loving Twitter or loathing clatter?

Loving Twitter or loathing clatter?

My take on it?

As any other technology, Twitter can be used in many different ways but also for some specific contexts. It is our job, as users, to define how to use the technology, not to assume that either it works for only one purpose or that it can do everything to everyone. Whatever the use you define for yourself (including not using Twitter), Twitter is the talk of town at the moment, in line with the striking passion for social networking, and for that reason it is an interesting phenomenon to consider. Perhaps more on how I use Twitter later, it’s not the purpose of this post 😉

Make your own judgment!

Some interesting recent articles and posts I read about this include:



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