Capacity development: Taking stock

(This is potentially the first of a series of stock-taking posts about inspiring literature on topics I blog about – the series will start if you find this interesting, so plmk). Recently I met all staff of the Water Integrity Network (WIN) which stands for more integrity and transparency and preventing more corruption in the […]

Seeking success, finding failures: work in development

In a very recent conversation, someone asked me what concrete evidence of success we (IRC) had in our work and I came to think that, in spite of the best intentions and sometimes a certain arrogance of development organisations about their achievements, concrete success is still very difficult to qualify and find in the WASH […]

Twitter noise… sorting it out

Since I made this blog more visible, there is one little glitch that has been slightly annoying,  particularly to the brave ones among you who subscribed to this blog: My Twitter feeds are automatically part of the update that you receive as part of the subscription service. But perhaps you couldn’t care less about those […]