G(r)o(w)ing organically and the future of monitoring

In the past three weeks I have been working quite a lot on monitoring again, as one of my focus areas (together with knowledge management/learning and communications): processing and analysing the results of RiPPLE monitoring for the first time, developing the WASHCost monitoring and learning framework and generally thinking about how to improve monitoring, in […]

Capacity for change

These last two weeks have been under the banner of capacity, for different reasons. First off because I’ve been working with the successor of a great colleague for communication in the RiPPLE project and it focused a lot on rapid capacity development as the departing colleague would be working only for another 2 weeks before […]

Connecting the nodes: how a resource centre can make itself essential

From the work we are carrying out in various countries and regions, it seems increasingly clear that the combination of learning alliances and resource centres is powerful. Learning alliances are great to dive into a specific topic and invite various types of stakeholders to cover it from various angles, so as to embed it in […]