Live and direct from Almada: from KM4DEV to learning4change?

Almada, Portugal.

Watching over Lisbon from the other side of the bridge, a group of over 70 people have gathered at the KM4DEV annual event. I am one of them and loving the interaction as usual. This non-event (no formal rules, no death by powerpoint, no stress on formality, no sweat, big fun), the great people that make up the community and the quality of the learning and interaction are what motivates me to think these 3 days are the best time I have every year professionally.

And I love it also for the new questions it raises.

On the radarscreen now: going to a deeper dimension of social network analysis, relation management, dealing with confusiasm and introducing people to it… dealing with my own learning curve, and my way of “holding the mirrors” to ask some crucial questions (an art at which Nancy excels for instance), dealing with the learning skeptics and with power play, dealing with empowerment through learning and cooperation.

Is that KM? Is that learning? I cannot tell, but what I know is that learning for change (for social change) is what I want to do in this field. Informing, inspiring, triggering, improving and ultimately empowering each other through a joint social change process, that’s what I want to see happen…


Published by Ewen Le Borgne

Collaboration and change process optimist motivated by ‘Fun, focus and feedback’. Nearly 20 years of experience in group facilitation and collaboration, learning and Knowledge Management, communication, innovation and change in development cooperation. Be the change you want to see, help others be their own version of the same.

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