Genesis of a confusiastic blog

This is my first post on my first blog, and hopefully the first of a long series of posts. What is this about? Well, Knowledge Management (KM), my views on it and on many satellite concepts, experiences, examples and especially questions about my work with KM in the development sector.  If it turns interesting, I hope some of you will leave your own impressions and help me question myself and the world. There’s a lot of questioning when working with KM, there’s not much certainty, and somehow one needs to be happy to deal with chaos and confusion. Hence the term that Riff Fulan coined at the KM4DEV 2007 event: Confusiasm – being happy to be confused (with the hope that confusion will bring more enlightening questions).

I have lots of questions and not many answers, and I hope to start posting lots of those questions in the coming weeks, as the ideas and issues are popping in my head and in my work. I’ll keep you posted and I’ll keep myself at post to continue confusiastically.

Poor genesis as it were, but it’s all about starting somewhere and improving along the way… Hopefully my confusion will lead to some creative chaos…


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